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Clinic /  Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre LLC, Sharqan

Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre LLC, Sharqan

Sunny Medical Centre (SMC), a fully owned subsidiary of NMC Health Care, has been providing excellent primary health care to the Sharjah community for 26 years. SMC has all the specialists, JCI accredited pathology lab, radiology and MRI. We operate 6 medical centers and 3 pharmacies in Sharjah. Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre is the 7th clinic and is one of the most fully equipped centers. In response to overwhelming patient demand we are opening 4 more medical centers and pharmacies in Sharjah and Ajman. All these new branches would be fully operational by the first quarter of 2017. Our patients are our patrons and our doctors take pride in providing reliable and quality treatment to our patients. At SMC we practice Total Quality Management (TQM) whereby the focus is on customer satisfaction through empowering and motivating our employees. The employees are fully involved in improving the quality of treatment, and the process of delivery of care to our customers. As our slogan goes, "caring hands … healing touch", effective patient care and satisfaction is the hallmark of SMC.

Key Features
*Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

Timing :

Weekdays : 8.00 am - 11.00 pm
Fridays : 9.00 am - 1.00 noon & 5.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Location : Al Sharq Street, P O Box: 64684, Sharjah, UAE

Telephone : 06 5667996

Fax : 06 5691176

Email :

For Emergency Assistance : 054 4115901

Doctors available under the clinic

Doctor Name
Dr. Stani Francis Cheruvathur
Dr. Parul Kamal Mehrotra
Dr. Sriram Sambaraju
Dr. Mehzabin Kharodawala
General Dentistry
Dr. Amina Beevi
General Practice and Family Medicine
Dr. Sangeeth Thomas
General Dentistry
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta
Internal Medicine
Dr. Kalpana Ningapa Patil
Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan
Dr. Azam Salih Mohamed
Internal Medicine
Dr. Sanjay Udhani
Paediatrics & Adolescent Clinic
Dr. Abida Wasim Khan
General Practice and Family Medicine
Dr. Rimzim Gupta
Paediatrics & Adolescent Clinic
Dr. Khalid Ali Khan
Dr. Raja Suthahar Devaraj
Dr. Madhu Bajpal
Woman Care (Gynaecology)
Dr. Latha Aveera
Woman Care (Gynaecology)
Dr. Abraham Kallumannil
Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic (ENT)
Dr. Joseph Mohamed Khallouf
Bone, Joint & Fracture(Orthopaedics)
Dr. Shyam Kamath
Dr. Pari Pulate
General Surgery
Dr. Samir Mansuri
Oral Surgery
Dr. Hanaa Abdulhameed Naser
Radiology & Imaging
Dr. Aneesh Mohammed Abdul Rahiman
Radiology & Imaging
Dr. Sameera Assadi
Medical laboratory
Dr. Randa A. M. Bushnaq
Paediatrics & Adolescent Clinic
Dr. Adel Abushi
Dr. Karuna Ramlal Anand
Paediatrics & Adolescent Clinic
Ms. Priyakshi Bezbaruah
Ms. Hina Abbas