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Doctor /  Dr. Jose Raj Rajanayakam

Dr. Jose Raj Rajanayakam Request An Appointment

Clinic : New Sunny Medical Centre LLC, Rolla
Specialisation : Specialist Physician
Department : Chest
Qualification : MBBS, MD (TB and Respiratory Diseases), FCCP
Email :
Contact :
06 5639966
Address :
New Sunny Medical Centre , 3rd Floor, Eisa Building-2, Opp. Rolla Square Park, Near Rolla Bus Station, Rolla, PO Box: 64684, Sharjah, UAE
Biography :
Formerly a professor of Respiratory Medicine at Medical College, Trivandrum with 28 years of experience. In Kerala, India. Fellow of American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP).Enriched with his sound academic and vast clinical experience in chest disease And respiratory ailment, Dr. Jose joined the Medical Center in June 2005.
Dr.Jose Raj is an expert in the management of many unique respiratory ailments and allergic disease specific to UAE.

The following clinics are conducted:
Allergy clinic, Smoking reaction clinic, Asthma clinic, COPD Clinic, sleep Apnea clinic.

The following clinical problems are evaluated:
Evaluation and management of chronic cough
Evaluation and management of exertional breathlessness
Evaluation and management of Heavy chest, chest tightness
Evaluation and management of chronic chest pain (other than heart related problems)
Evaluation and management of Respiratory Allergic problems
COPD(chronic observe Pulmonary Diseases)assessment and management
Smoke induced injury assessment, mangmenment of smoking injuries and smoking ceas
Occupation living Diseases (assessment & management)
Tuberculoses- Diagnosis and interpretation
Diagnosis of lung causes
Sneezing problems, sleep Apnea
Other chest related diseases

The Following Procedures are Conducted:
Respiratory allergy evaluation
Sleep Apnea evaluation
Detailed and fully ventilatory lung function
Exhaled NO2 (nitric oxide) monitoring
Language Spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil & Arabic (Basic)
Timing :
Timings may vary, kindly check with the clinic.

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