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Doctor /  Dr. Jacob Benedict

Dr. Jacob Benedict Request An Appointment

Clinic : Sunny Al Buhairah Medical Centre LLC, Al Majaz
Specialisation : Specialist Internal Medicine
Department : Internal Medicine
Qualification : MBBS, MD
Email :
Contact :
06 5566689
Address :
Sunny Al Buhairah Medical Centre , 1st Floor, Next to Kakooli Tower, Near Buhairah Police Station, Al Majaz, PO Box: 32427, Sharjah, UAE
Biography :
Dr. Jacob Jayan Benedict, MD(Internal Medicine) MD(Pharma & Therapeutics) DipGM(Geriatric Medicine), Senior consultant in Internal Medicine(Former Associate professor) has more than 15 years of experience from Government Medical college hospitals of Kerala, India.

His special interests include the management of life style diseases, infectious diseases, medical problems of the elderly and vaccinations of the adults. He focuses on prevention of life style diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol by offering integrated rejuvenation therapy.

Qualified physician in Ayurveda so believes in a holistic approach to medical problems and in multidisciplinary management of patients with an ultimate goal to optimize the quality of their life. He has also received additional training in old age care (Geriatric medicine) with hands on experience from AIMS Kochi and Diabetes.
Timing :
Timings may vary, kindly check with the clinic.

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