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Doctor /  Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan

Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan Request An Appointment

Clinic : Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre LLC, Sharqan
Specialisation : Consultant Ophthalmologist
Department : Ophthalmology
Qualification : MBBS, DO, FRCS
Email :
Contact :
06 5667996
Address :
Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre , Al Sharq Street, P O Box: 64684, Sharjah, UAE
Biography :
Dr. Niaz completed the MBBS at Dacca Medical College in 1965 and the DO, FRCS in 1976. He commenced as a General Medical Doctor in the Armed Forces of Pakistan (1965 – 1971) then proceeded to the UK.

Dr. Niaz completed his Senior House work in Royal Informatory at the Derby Ophthalmology Casualty and passed the primary FRCS in 1972.

Dr. Niaz worked as a Registrar at the Central Middlesex Hospital in London (1973 – 1977), and as a Senior Registrar teaching at the Halamshire Hospital in Sheffield, UK (1976 – 1978).

Dr. Niaz moved to the UAE and obtained a position as Consultant Ophthalmologist at Al Qassimi Hospital (1978 – 1987) and at Al Zahra Hospital, Sharjah and Dubai, since 1987 until today.

Dr. Niaz speaks English and Urdu.


• Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (FRCS)
Timing :
Timings may vary, kindly check with the clinic.

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