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Child Guidance

Child Guidance Clinic, Sharjah, UAE was started as an initiative of the Dr. Sunny conglomerate with a vision for the betterment of mental health of children. It is a unique attempt where comprehensive services are provided by a professional team including Specialist Psychiatrists, Specialist Social worker and Psychologist.

It is an Assessment and Diagnostic clinic and it caters to children in the playschool group (till 3 years), preschool group(3-6 years) and school going group(6- 17 years). The most common issues that are dealt with are- Developmental delays (motor and speech difficulties), Behaviour concerns and Academic issues.

The Social worker and Psychologist focus on Developmental, Behaviour and Academic issues. They conduct assessments for children to analyze the concerns of children, find out reasons for the concerns and strategies to handle and tackle the issues. Each child is given individual attention during the assessments and it involves paper pencil work, activities, interviewing , observation, etc. The time taken by children to complete assessments depend upon the age, motivation and pace of the individual child.

The goal of an assessment for a parent would be obtaining a clear picture of the reasons for the child’s difficulties, his/her abilities and ways to improve functioning and hence performance. (More details can be procured by speaking to the staff).

After completion of Assessments, an intensive counseling session is conducted for the parents and children (separately and if they are mature enough). Details of the Assessments are divulged to the parents with focus on the remedies to the issues- including Behaviour and Academic management which most parents can manage at home. For those children who need intensive help, the parents are assisted to locate a professional (speech therapist/behaviour therapist/special educator) for continued support.

Our Assessment reports are accepted by the UAE Ministry of Education, most Schools as well as other Education boards (CBSE and ICSE).
CGC also liaisons with schools (including teachers and counselors) to help these affected children survive in a school setting.

• Assessment and Diagnosis of Preschool children(Below 6 years) with Developmental Disabilities (Autism, Mental Retardation,Speech delay,poor motor skills and poor concept development)and Restless and fidgety children.
• Early intervention (children below 3 years), Academic and Behaviour Intervention.
• Assessment and Diagnosis of school going children
- Behaviour issues (Attention Deficit Disorders,stealing,lying,bullying,difficult to control children (home/school).
- Emotional issues (quiet/fearful/introvert/bullied children)
- Academic issues- From KG classes onwards /Difficulty with academic skills(all grades)
• Counseling services
- Parents withaffected Children
- Children with Academic and Behaviour concerns
- Adolescent andteenage children

CGC has all along had the conviction that teachers are the best diagnosticians and many a time the decision maker to create a supportive environment in school for the child . It is an ideal situation if the counsellors and teachers work in tandem.
As part of its awareness drive, outreach programmes are conducted for teachers, counselors, special educators and professionals in allied fields.
• Training programmes for children
• Sesitizationprogrammes are conducted for teachers
• Intensive enrichment programmes are conducted for counsellors to enable efficient functioning.
• Training programmes are also conducted for university students (Social work, Psychology and Special Education) with special emphasis on school social work and clinical settings.
• Block placements are offered for those students who are aspiring for a career in associated fields.
• For schools who are particular with training their supporting staff(helpers/bus drivers) we have programmes to aid their functioning to the full benefit of the children.

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