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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery deals with diagnosis, prevention and surgical management of diseases, injuries and defect of the oro-facial complex, which includes teeth, gums,jaws etc..The scope of practice is vast, as in ranging from simple tooth extraction to locating and correcting the fractures of the jaws through the oral mucosa. We perform following procedures in our practice:

Disimpaction of Wisdom Teeth

Incision & Drainage of Oral Abscesses

Excision of Dental Cysts

Biopsy of Oral Lesions

TMJ & Orofacial Pain

Dental Apical Surgeries

Correction of Tissues Before Prosthodontic Replacement

Exposure of Impacted Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment

Cabial& Lingual Frectomy

Minor Salivary Duct Stones

Jaw Fractures Under local Anesthesia

Other Minor Oral Surgeries

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